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Don’t let the title mislead you, although I am personally very ticked off with people on the road who should clearly not be driving, bad driving is a financial burden to all of us in Ontario. Insurance rates in Ontario are second only to B.C., why are Ontarians paying more? We have the largest population density in Canada and a weak driver education program.

Don’t take my word for it, take the recent pedestrian fatalities (not all can be blamed just on “side walkers”), or take a drive on the 404/401/400 – how many times will someone actually yield right? How many people know that the left lane is a “passing lane”?

We can’t send all the bad drivers out to Saskatoon (which would be great), but we can improve our driver education program. If there is anything that can be done to improve drivers and reduce insurance cost, then a new stronger education program needs to be in place.

In the long run a better program will bring insurance rates down and better drivers on the street.

Over the short run this will provide:

  • The government of Ontario some much needed income (increase in testing costs)
  • Create jobs (a much needed initiative)

The only group not benefiting from this is the upset 16 year olds that won’t be able to gun his/her new car down the street so easily, which I believe will be welcomed by most regardless.

What constitutes a better driver education program?

  • Mandatory driving lessons
  • Winter driving tests
  • Real driver etiquette courses (who goes first on an all way stop? How to deal with left turns on a yellow? Or right turns on any light?)

You might think “Hey, you’re supposed to learn this on your G1”, but that test is so easy, no one really studies or bothers to remembers 20% of it (prove me wrong). If any of you did take driving lessons (especially in a class environment), you probably got to watch videos from the 70’s about bad drivers (keeping with times may help).

We need to rally to get this problem fixed. Better drivers mean you pay less insurance, we get more jobs in Ontario, and the government gets a little bit revenue to help it focus on the next major problem – better education period.

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