One of the great advantages of any cluster is fact that when you lose your job in a particular company, you don’t have to move anywhere to work for a competitor. Since it requires many companies and industry supporting structures to form a proper cluster, there is a greater opportunity to advance or find a new job in particular industry if you live in a cluster!

GameSutra looks at several gaming clusters where this is a reality:

“Although there is no single location that companies flock to for the game industry, there are several cities that have become prominent hubs:

  • Los Angeles, CA – not surprising since its home to the entertainment industry in general
  • San Francisco, CA – especially prominent for the games journalism and marketing sectors
  • Seattle, WA – must have something to do with a small company started by Bill Gates
  • Austin, TX – mostly known for a wealth of smaller independent studios

While there are locations scattered across the U.S. (and the world) where you can find a job in the game industry, you increase your likelihood of getting a job if you live in one of these key hubs. The need to be willing to relocated was particularly relevant to my situation.”

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