Bruce Everiss is an expert on technology management and marketing, based out of the UK, has an interesting article about clustering and of-course the developments in Austin Texas.

His perspective  on successful locations to build gaming businesses fall directly in-line with Porter’s cluster strategies, its no surprise that businesses who succeed are located inside clusters.

“In America there are lots of clusters, Austin, Texas has very many game companies as do Los Angeles, Seattle and Boston. In Canada Toronto and Montreal have grown quickly as the locations for many companies”

“From the point of view of a developer there are many advantages doing business in a cluster. The human resources and services are all there, geared up just right for running a gaming business. “

Austin, Texas

“From the point of view of an employee there are many advantages to working in a cluster. Job mobility without moving house and security of employment being significant advantages to anyone.”

“if you want to start a game company then do it in a cluster, if you want to work in the games industry then you are best off in a cluster and, if you are already part of a cluster, ensure that you leverage it for your maximum advantage.”

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