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A great presentation on the new way to proliferate ideas across social media and not mass marketing:


“The Game Developers Conference® Online (GDC Online) is the premier game developer event focusing on online and connected gaming including virtual worlds, social games, casual games, and MMOs.”

“Conference tracks focus on business and marketing, design, social networking and community, services, production, and programming and cover emerging topics including micro-transactions, the casualization of MMOs, and new distribution models.”

This is one of the most important cluster community events in Austin for the gaming industry. One of last year’s keynote speakers was the President, Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley.

The next conference takes place October 5-8, 2010.

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SkillPoint Alliance, an organization devoted to building partnerships among industry members has announced their 2010 Digital Media Exchange (DMX) competition at the Central Texas High School. The competition hopes to get creative minds in youth to showcase projects in varied digital media formats, including video games.

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I’ve been seeing this pop-up all over the web and Facebook.

Mashable has the links to several videos, check it out:

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