Absolute Poker

Overall Rank: 3.5/5

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o First impressions: design, layout, graphics, fonts, colours, etc.

  • On first impression the design, layout and graphics are modern and free of too much text; instead a central video area greats the visitor with a showcase of promotions. However, upon further scrolling the page doesn’t end at the big blue bottom border, but instead continues on to random information that is unnecessary.

o Navigation – ease of use, links

  • Over simplified navigation leaves a lot behind. The horizontal menu has no sub-headings, forcing the visitor to click through extra pages before arriving at the desired destination.
  • The “promotions” page is one in particular that is suffering from bad design, especially when comparing it to the compact banking page which showcases all the options first then lets the user navigate.

o If material is current and up to date – everything is updated constantly.

o Problems observed – difficulties, hype, misleading materials

  • The site has what seems like a cool navigation system on the left hand side of most pages. However, it is quite confusing as some tabs are added or removed depending on which page the user is on. Instead there is a strange redirection system that left me frustrated.

o Useful applications for customers and other site visitors – standard set of payment methods with download options for the software.
o E-commerce considerations (ie: security regarding method of payment)

  • The site seems to have the full package of security options that are standard for the industry. This includes online payment methods that span a large set of banks and cash payment institutions along with fraud, software, and play integrity security.

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