Full-Tilt Poker

Overall Rank: 4/5

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o First impressions: design, layout, graphics, fonts, colours, etc.

  • Very clean and to the point, grabs the viewer’s attention with promotions and “cool” feeling, while keeping things simple. One particular hick-up is a promotional slide-show on the right is missing a proper border and sometimes leaks onto the main page.
  • The founts are also a little choppy especially on large text. However, the layout is inviting and is not hard on the eyes with a good combination colours.

o Navigation – ease of use, links

  • The navigation could use some changes; there are menus on the top of the page and links to the same menus on the bottom, however, once clicked a third (unnecessary) menu appears on the left. On a good note all links do work properly and the user never gets bogged down with too much information.

o If material is current and up to date – material is current and constantly updated.
o Problems observed – difficulties, hype, misleading materials

  • Some menu items take a while to load; the use of frames would be better instead of 3 menu options. Overall however, the site is simple to navigate with no misleading material.

o Useful applications for customers and other site visitors

  • Though the site does not support different credit cards automatically, it does offer quite a few money transfer (similar to PayPal) to handle funds from any card or country.

o E-commerce considerations (ie: security regarding method of payment)

  • I have never heard of the payment companies that are promoted on this site which are the only alternatives if one does not have a visa or MasterCard.
  • I also cannot find a link of the security of the software programming which is standard for every other poker site.

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