Party Poker

Overall Rank: 3/5

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o First impressions: design, layout, graphics, fonts, colours, etc.

  • The design is crisp and is set in a uniquely green colour, setting it apart from competition.  The layout is very simple and user friendly with clean fonts and graphics.
  • This is probably the most “easy on the eyes” layout I have experienced, everything is done to keep user interaction with the site simple and relaxing. There are no flashing buttons or fast changing promotions, no mass text to read and no overlapping menus or images.
  • Given the beautiful design and clean layout it is a little surprising that on the bottom there are white boxes (links of payment and organizations) which don’t seem to fit well with the background. On any of the other sites this is something insignificant and would not be of notice, but here it contrasts poorly.

o Navigation – ease of use, links

  • Strangely the simple and clean nature of the original layout displayed on the home page completly fizzes as you start to navigate to other pages. There are problems in almost every are of the links:
    • The layout no longer contains all the text, instead it fades away as you scroll through multiple page lengths of text. This make it seem that the text is unimportant and just thrown together to have something to say without thinking about the user.
    • Links at the top throw the user to completely new sites
    • Changing a language setting throws the user back to the main page.
    • Payment link opens up a pop-up which not only poorly done as some browsers prevent pop-ups, but takes away from the user feeling secure in their investment.

o If material is current and up to date – All material is current.
o Problems observed – difficulties, hype, misleading materials

  • Majority of problems are in the navigation section above.
  • Under one of the pages there is a link to a page called “Unfair advantage” which for some reason takes the user out to a completely different looking layout on a new page which the user cannot simply go back from (aside from closing the new page).

o Useful applications for customers and other site visitors

  • Only the standard download options for the software.

o E-commerce considerations (ie: security regarding method of payment)

  • An average description of the software security along with the standard selection of payment methods.
  • As mentioned in the navigation section, the payment option creates a pop-up window that seems lacking in security features (at the very least looks poorly done).

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