Overall Rank: 4.5/5

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o First impressions: design, layout, graphics, fonts, colours, etc.

  • Clean graphics, fonts are easily readable (white or red against a black background)
  • Colours are earthy and calming with a little aggression from the red fonts.
  • The design is user friendly with simple link navigation; there are also a few stats on what’s happening along with news and a clear description of the site to the visitor.
  • The layout is also simple, including a vertical menu at the top of the page and stats on the popularity of the site; while further down there are some simple descriptions of what the site offers, followed by current promotions.

o Navigation – ease of use, links

  • Very smooth interface; links are easy to read and the categories have clear sub-headings which work flawlessly.

o If material is current and up to date – The site is constantly updated.

o Problems observed – difficulties, hype, misleading materials

  • Some links open in the same page, while others jump into a new window
  • Video player a bit outdated and not clear
  • Flash menus are slow to respond and load with older computers.

o Useful applications for customers and other site visitors – Standard download software options along with cash deposit options.

o E-commerce considerations (ie: security regarding method of payment)

  • Secure code structure in order to allow complete simulated random generation of factors necessary for poker play.
  • A large verity of payment options from credit to debit and money transfers.

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