St. Edward’s University is one of the leaders in digital media education and currently offer the highly regarded BBA with a major in digital media management, one of very few such offerings in the country. Of course this is an Austin, Texas, based university.

“A central trend in the information sector is the merging of media, communication, computers and especially the entertainment industry”

“…currently the most dynamic digital media business growth in Texas is found in Austin’s gaming industry”

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“The Game Developers Conference® Online (GDC Online) is the premier game developer event focusing on online and connected gaming including virtual worlds, social games, casual games, and MMOs.”

“Conference tracks focus on business and marketing, design, social networking and community, services, production, and programming and cover emerging topics including micro-transactions, the casualization of MMOs, and new distribution models.”

This is one of the most important cluster community events in Austin for the gaming industry. One of last year’s keynote speakers was the President, Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley.

The next conference takes place October 5-8, 2010.

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The Escapist an online video gaming site and forum community offered their own point of view on clustering game developers. For more on the article click the image bellow.

“..why are so many MMOG developers based in Austin? Why so many sports games from Vancouver? Platformers from Japan?”

“Ultimately, success can come from anywhere, even Costa Rica. But you can be sure, there’s a higher probability of success in a cluster region”


Bruce Everiss is an expert on technology management and marketing, based out of the UK, has an interesting article about clustering and of-course the developments in Austin Texas.

His perspective  on successful locations to build gaming businesses fall directly in-line with Porter’s cluster strategies, its no surprise that businesses who succeed are located inside clusters.

“In America there are lots of clusters, Austin, Texas has very many game companies as do Los Angeles, Seattle and Boston. In Canada Toronto and Montreal have grown quickly as the locations for many companies”

“From the point of view of a developer there are many advantages doing business in a cluster. The human resources and services are all there, geared up just right for running a gaming business. “

Austin, Texas

“From the point of view of an employee there are many advantages to working in a cluster. Job mobility without moving house and security of employment being significant advantages to anyone.”

“if you want to start a game company then do it in a cluster, if you want to work in the games industry then you are best off in a cluster and, if you are already part of a cluster, ensure that you leverage it for your maximum advantage.”

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Austin Economic Development has recognized the power of building a successful cluster, here is an example:

“Converging Industries Make Austin a Great Place to Do Bussines: Austin is a high-density technology and creative environment that has become a fertile venue for industry interaction”

“Our community of game development studios and publishers make Austin one of the nation’s top game development centers. Midway, Nintendo, NCsoft, Sony Online Entertainment, Take Two Interactive, and Ubisoft are in Austin. With one of the most vibrant game development communities in the world, as well as Austin’s role in expanding the platforms available for interactive entertainment, Austin is a premier region for the new era in entertainment, communications and collaboration.”

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“In this age of convergence, the two industries are drawing closer by the day.

‘We see this as a growth area for the company,” said Rainmaker CEO Warren Franklin. “We’re looking at new ways to deliver animation. We have the traditional models of television and feature films, but more and more content gets used on different delivery platforms, like mobile phones.'”

“”Being in Vancouver, where there’s a major gaming cluster, that gives us a lot of information and understanding of how games are put together,” Franklin said. “We can work closely with the game companies where we incorporate elements from the game, plus add our expertise on top of that and come up with a hybrid. It takes elements from the game, and elements from what we do with animation and visual effects, and putting that together can be visually stunning.”

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“While Vancouver’s game-development industry may have had a modest start, it now includes about 75 companies that directly develop games, according to Kenton Low, president of New Media B.C. An additional 70 companies provide support services for game development, including animation and audio production. In all, approximately 3,500 people are working in the video-game industry in the Lower Mainland.”

“UBC professor Trevor Barnes, who specializes in economic geography, is studying Vancouver’s video-game industry. The cluster that has formed here has an attractive power because of the resulting cost reductions and increasing efficiencies in production…”

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