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Did a little presentation in-class.

I’ll let it speak for it’s self…


Unfortunately an increase in workload has meant a decrease in writing. However, this will change quickly and to mark the change the blog has had a bit of surgery.

The blog title and description are slightly edited to focus more on the brand of “Business Gears” along with a better description of what visitors will find on this blog.

I am also welcoming collaboration from other writers that fit the topic of this blog.

Thanks for continuing to visit and read, I hope some of the information here is relevant and useful! Don’t forget to take a poll and showcase your opinion or leave a comment on your point of view.


Someone asked me about where I get my news (aside from the few links I posted on the left).

Since I am hoping that many more people will be interacting with me and this blog as time goes on, I will create a “Questions Page”.

Feel free to make a comment and of course leave a question, I will try to find relevant information or refer you to an expert on the field.

Of course you can always take the Google route!

Many of you reading this have great websites, books and shows to get your information from. Main sources for the BusinessGears blog are:

*Google news pretty much covers all other respected news entities (including Globe&Mail, Financial Post, Economist, etc).

Coming Soon: Posts on China’s influence, Monthly Review, plus Motivation & Creativity.

Stumbled onto my blog? I’d like to hear from you.

Take a 2 second poll – see them under the “Speak-out” tab to your left!

I’ll be posting new polls with different topics, feel free to join in and voice your opinion. Your feedback makes a difference!

– Arie Lozinsky

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This blog is a combination of class projects and personal interests.

I will try to keep this up-to date with relevant business focused information that is interesting and useful along with my personal insights on the topics.

Feel free to comment or contact me.

– Arie Lozinsky