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About 5 years ago I remember arguing with a friend that nothing new is happening, my argument was particularly focused on computer/game technology and product innovation. I stopped following gadget news, stopped looking into internet changes and generally got dismayed that change is slow. Included in this delusion was the fact that I ignored articles about “future” events, seeing them as a waste of time on marketing hype.

Now days if you haven’t been up to date on all the wiki, social media, SEO, and viral marketing your already missing out on the key traffic drivers of online media.

Then there are the advancements in computer technology, photography, smart-phones, 3D movie making and green energy (electric cars to industrial waste controls).

I came to realize that if you’re always “keeping your finger on the pulse” there is a constant flow of ideas (check out Global Innovation Index), unfortunately many don’t go anywhere. The key is that any one of these ideas, especially ones that don’t seem likely now, are highly combustible. Take social media, the thought of having a massive free encyclopedia service, or Facebook was not possible without mass donations (online payment) or online advertising and collaborative development (ex. Open source)

Collective Spark

The spark in these areas came from companies like Google and their pay-per-click model. This single idea changed the face of online revenue, but fire doesn’t burn without oxygen. In this case it came from applications and collaborative development, the former is currently exploding thanks to smart phones into multi-billion dollar industry!

The green revolution obviously has its footing in government reform and the global warming craze, and if you didn’t hear the news recently, Ontario is investing 8 billion with partners Samsung and others into renewable energy (though not everyone is happy about this deal)

There are thousands of innovations right now on the market, many of which will never see the light of day, or will fail upon introduction. The key again is a spark (financial support helps) and oxygen, achieved through communities or governments. With the current hype of Web 3.0, viral and niche marketing, and social media, finding a spark for an idea has never been easier. Give people the ability to collaborate and develop with you – it could be the one spark that sets off hundreds of others which have been waiting on the sidelines.

Collaborate & Prosper

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