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Toyota is becoming the latest case of badly managed public relations (Tiger Woods comes to mind before that). Here’s an article making a comparison to Ford and Firestone tires situation back in 2000.

Toyota is a master of quality products, but where is the marketing team now? With the easy spread of the information and a recall spanning 8 models and millions of vehicles, including complete plant halts in manufacturing, this is the most negative story on Toyota…ever?

So once again, how could have the massive Toyota get ahead of the fallout? Its as simple as publishing a letter, calming people down (including suppliers, factory workers and the public).

Instead? Go to, there is no mention of any situation, then click on “news and events“, you’ll see (as of Jan 26th), 3 articles (all dated Jan 20th) – one with a great title: What To Do In The Event Of Unwanted Acceleration.

It seems to me that given the biggest recall in Toyota history, even a simple statement about how “Toyota is so committed to quality, that they won’t let a single affected vehicle go uninspected” would make a huge difference.

Stay ahead of the problem people, if you don’t, viral marketing will do it for you.

Do you think this affected Toyota’s public image?

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