Carrot & Stick by Frank Fitzgerald

Are you still running towards the carrot? How happy are you with your job? Can you self-motivate to get work done without supervision?

Answers to these questions can be an easy determinant of your current state of social, work or self-motivation.

If you had a chance to read “Innovation – Ideas just need spark & oxygen” then you already know that collaboration and a personal drive to constantly create will lead to success  in innovation. However being personally motivated is a huge task on itself, not to mention being motivated by your employers (How many of you are?).

So let’s break this down into a few important categories (check out the many links for personal research):

Being Self Motivated:

If you watch TV you probably heard of Tony Robins, he is a motivational and self-help speaker; don’t be too quick to associate him with infomercials, there is a lot of good material in his work. Here is one example:

Now Tony is one of many resources on self-motivation, but as you saw from the video self-motivation is often associated with success, and for that here a simple presentation:

Don’t forget to be persistent, just cause you got there doesn’t mean you’ll stay there for long – Sustain Success

Motivating your Employees:

So we got some ideas about the ways each one of us individually can reach out to be motivated and successful. What if you are the boss already? You run the show! Now how do you get your employees to take the company to the next level?

The answer is in social science and as Dan Pink points out “There is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does” – Enjoy the video:

Communicating, handling and understanding success:

There are many ways to say what you feel, think and want to others; there are however, also consequences of getting shut down, getting laughed at, criticized and so on.

There is quite a bit in this post already but I don’t think one can talk about motivation and success without understanding communication essentials, being creative and not worrying about criticism.

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