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As this is my first blog I ran into a multitude of difficulties in the creation of this experiment.

First and foremost of these is the “Home” page. WordPress allows for the creation of multiple “main pages” on their site, however the free version requires one to choose out of set of templates. Each template in-turn adds its own little widgets, pages, columns, etc. My current template adds a “home” page…which I cannot remove.

The next issue is with the creation of sub-headings, which do not show up under “head pages” and so far I can only make them and then link them off the main page.

Lastly, I find it strange how you cannot just simply start posting off the main page (so long as your logged-in), but instead have to look around the interface and be redirected in order to post.

If anyone uses WordPress and has some suggestions or comments on how to work around these problems, please let know!